An uncommon artistic challenge.

The EMAJINARIUM adventure will continue on the other side of the world since it is in Japan that we decided to perform a second time.


The Emajinarium- Journey to the Dreamland was played for the first time at the Madeleine Theater in Paris on March 19, 2018. The adventure will continue in 2019 with an international tour in Japan. By partnering with Japanese artists to create a multicultural group. Still in this co-creation , sharing talents and experience spirit, our artists will work together side by side to create the Emajinarium which will take place in Japan.

Beyond our performance in the country of the rising sun, we chose to take up a real artistic challenge. Indeed, we will perform our show in collaboration with artists living in Tokyo and nearby. Without even meeting them before, Japanese dancers will create boards in parallel to those we created in France. Based on the story of the show, they will create their identities, personalities and their own interpretation, just like us.

dancing show miyajima japan

Once our team is on the spot, French and Japanese dancers will have only 4 days to get synchronized and prepared for the live show in a beautiful place in Tokyo.

We are lovers of arts and human adventures. We are passionate by this challenge and this cultural bridge that our Japanese friends allow us to cross.

The EMAJINARIUM is above all a human adventure symbolized by the mix of types and cultures.

Almost thirty artists from the French team will travel to Japan and combine their talents with those of artists from Tokyo.

EMAJINARIUM Tokyo japon spectacle de danse

A wonderful journey to the dreamlands

170 talented persons are gathering artistic creativity and self-sacrifice to offer you a magnificent journey in imaginary universes. In a surge of sharing and solidarity, 170 art lovers will bring you into wonder.

170 volunteer artists, passionated by creation, offer their time and combine their talent to create a magnificent living show. « THE EMAJINARIUM  – Journey to the dreams land » in a famous theater in Paris, in Japan and in Africa.

The Fraise au Loup workshop designs the 80 costumes of our most beautiful and biggest artistic project so far.

Actors, dancers, high-level athletes, circus artists, illustrators, make-up artists, hairstylists, music composers, props men and women, set designers…. All of them combine their talent for this magnificent show which will wake up the child within you.

Connection with Kumamon

Kumamon is a very famous character created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. It is internationally very popular. EMAJINARIUM and KUMAMON made their first connection together in July in Paris. EMAJINARIUM artists and Kumamon during the day of the Tanabata or the Star Festival. They danced together in front of children and their parents.

Kumamon Kumamoto