Our values

To make of an artistic creation, a common and unique project.

We are a collective of artists all coming from different backgrounds. We are different talents, experiences and origins but we are all driven by the same and only ambition:

This was made possible because despite our differences we share the same values: The value of solidarity, because we cannot imagine our project differently than a collaboration and the share of our talents. This is why we are in perpetual exchange.

In doing so we are also promoting diversity, which is our purpose. It is because all of us are different that everyone can find their right place within the Free Spirit and bring their own added value.

We cultivate those differences because this is how we achieve mutual enrichment.

However, all of this would not work without respect. The respect of all of us but also the respect of our partners and of our environment. This is a fundamental value that we wish to vehiculate in all our projects to make it the pillar, the spine of our community.

Finally, if we already traveled all this way until today, and that we have far more ambition for tomorrow, it’s because we are first and foremost passionate. We were all born with this flame inside of us, which only seeks to grow and burn high.

This is this flame that gives us ideas and strength to carry on and never give up.

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