The magic from Brazil

December 10, 2016
Branding, Design
London Barbershop
Photoshop, Illustrator

Maracatu Nação Oju Obá was founded in 2000 thanks to Mestre Letho Nascimento, who arrived in Paris with the idea of showing the Pernambuco culture to the French public.

Mixing tradition and modernity, popular culture and sacred one, the Maracatu Nação Oju Obá reveals another side of Brasil through weekly workshops, traineships, shows, concerts, and parades combining dance, singing and drums.

The group proposes a musical and choreographic repertoire composed of arrangements and original creations around several rythms: the Maracatu Baque virado, Baque solto, Afoxé, Côco, Candomblé, Funk, Mangue Beat, Cavalo Marinho, Samba de roda, Frevo, Caboclinho and Ciranda.

As part of our show, we wished to immerse the public in a magical world. The group Maracatu Nação Oju Obá will therefore carry out two performances that will symbolise the arrival to the Dreamlands and the departure of our heroine.

This music’s rythms are lively and make our hearts beat in an incredible way. They diffuse an energy similar to joy and good mood. This is the reason why we decided to collaborate with a renowned group instead of playing a soundtrack in the theatre. Letho, one of the band’s leaders also wrote a soundtrack especially for the EMAJINARIUM.