Des compositions originales pour l’EMAJINARIUM


Music is an essential part of our show as it participates fully in the EMAJINARIUM magic.

Our show will be without any dialog, all interactions between characters of our story will be displayed through body language. The music and the emotions externalized by dancers allow a better understanding of the narrative.

We took the decision to use the music of great composers who are famous in the entertainment industry as material for our scenes.

Faithful to our philosophy, which consists of multiple collaborations between professional artists or amateurs, four talented composers participate in our project. A violinist, a pianist, as well as three multi-instrument composers contribute to the creation of this sound universe.

The creation of music is a real achievement in itself. Each composer required a real integration into the story in order to visualize the scenes, the characters, the emotions. They designed with their own talent and sensitivity. Clara de Meyer wrote a mystical scene around the important character of Ka. Ka is a key character, strong, solitary, neither good nor bad, ruling a magic forest. Ka quickly chose to accompany our tale’s heroine, Emilie, to help in her quest.

Alexandre and Marine composed for the scene about the emergence of phantoms. The Phantoms are the army of the evil Dark Queen. They have a key role, responsible for the kidnapping of all the imaginary friends.

Mayline is an exceptional violinist who created the music of one of the greatest scenic pictures of the show: the encounter between Squali and the Kalioums, guardians of the Dreamlands. It is a scene of confrontation, which will engage unusual characters…

Léon, a multi-instrument composer, has also written the music of one of the EMAJINARIUM video clips: Bad Guys. He drives us into a bleak and mystical atmosphere in a video gathering all the vilains of the storyline.

Myriam Bouskour is an Opera singer. She joined the project to contribute to the creation of two original soundtracks with Clara the pianist and Mayline the violinist.