A very talented team

December 10, 2016
Branding, Design
London Barbershop
Photoshop, Illustrator

Our live show creation was made possible thanks to the contribution of the entire team.

The stage manager, lighting director, the conception and organisation teams, and a sizeable number of volunteers from our team are doing their best to make this project happen in the best conditions possible.

In the EMAJINARIUM show, each detail has its own importance: the place of the decors, the lights, the management of space backstage, the dancers’ outfits, their hairstyles and make-up.

A model of the stage will even be produced in order to anticipate the movements of each artist.

This entire organisation has the single objective to achieve a unique experience for the spectators and allow a total immersion. From the outside to the inside of the theatre, the challenge is to master the whole environment.