Video as a powerful communication tool

December 10, 2016
Branding, Design
London Barbershop
Photoshop, Illustrator

We have a full video team composed of cameramen, assemblers and calibration specialists. Their missions are multiple:

The EMAJINARIUM is supported by several video clips used to promote the project. Those clips produced in studio, outside or underwater, showcase different talents that compose the group of dancers, designers, make-up artists etc.

Interviews: we wish to share the artists’ experience on this wonderful project with as many people as possible. Several dozen artists attest of their feeelings, share with the audience how they approach their tasks and how they participate in this live show, which requires a real collaboration between different talents.

Rehearsals: this show gathers almost 60 artists on the stage, non-profesionnals who decided to cooperate with artists coming from differents backgrounds. One of the difficulties of this project was to coordinate dancers and synchronise the agendas. Videos of the rehearsals are in fact very useful to compensate for absences. Moreover, rehearsal videos are used as a strong support for the Tokyo dancers. Indeed, our desire is to create synergies with them and then make a performance in Japan in 2018.