About the Free Spirit Family old

In love with Art

The Free Spirit is a collective of artists volunteering in creating diverse projects in the fields of photography, video and entertainment.

The group is composed of photographers, costume designers, make-up artists, dancers and painters collaborating in order to create several initiatives. The collective is characterized by the combination of talents coming from different backgrounds, original artistic creations and projects centred on the human being, living together, and the world of tomorrow.

Founded in 2009, volunteers from our community multiply their initiatives, share their talent and use art to lead an awareness program on the following :

  • The impact of mankind on the environment

  • The mass extinction of animals

  • Access to drinking water and healthcare for all

  • Breast cancer

  • Children orphaned by AIDS in Africa

We made the choice to offer our talents to deliver important messages that affect our society.

Photo exhibits, fashion shows, festivals and video clips are among the numerous projects created by our artistic family.

A lot of personalities accepted to join one of our projects: Alexandre and Sonia Poussin (adventurers and writers of the novel Africatrek), La Barbiere de Paris, Ben Oncle Sould (singer), Maitre Gims (singer), Imany (singer), Sibylle d’Orgeval (adventurer), etc.

The Free Spirit, a name that evokes freedom of acting and thinking…

The Free Spirit is defined as a collective which is not constrained to any particular area. We let ourselves be guided by our desires and our passions.

We give ourselves the freedom to explore artistic universes, each different from one another, to federate people around a common project, to realise events that link fun, teaching and reflexion.

Encountering and disseminating positive energies, meeting the other is what defines us the best.

Discover the Free Spirit’s different project on our official website www.freespiritcrew.com

Body painting complet

In January 2016 the Free Spirit decided to create the live show “The EMAJINARIUM – Journey to the Dreamlands”. Initally 30 artists were thought to take part in that project. However, within a few months due to the real craze, almost 130 talents made the choice to join us.