The foundation we support

An artistic project for an orphanage

The Free Spirit has been founded to communicate about associations that we support. Our collective is engaged in launching initiatives about the human being and the environment.

The EMAJINARIUM has been created to highlight and support actions for a centre for orphans suffering from AIDS in Africa: the Celestial Heart Centre (orphelinat du Coeur Céleste).

This institution is a drop-in centre located in Pointe Noire in the Republic of Congo. Created in 2014 by Célestine BAGNIAKANA, this place allows to house and support about forty deprived children. The orphanage aims at giving back a smile to children living there and supporting them mentally to give them the means to receive in the best condtions possible a normal education for the youngest, or trainings. The orphanage works thanks to donations from individuals and companies.

The orphanage Coeur Céleste is a place where the fulfilment, the education and health of the children are priorities.

The orphanage includes
  • 1 dormitory for boys

    1 dormitory for girls

    2 classrooms

    1 kitchen

    1 garden

    1 library

    1 pharmacy

    1 hairdressing workshop

    1 sewing workshop


The founder 

Célestine BAGNIAKANA is a remarkable woman engaged in humanitarian actions in Africa for more than 20 years. Indeed, it was in 1994 when this mother of 5 decided to create the association HALTE SIDA (STOP AIDS) in Congo Brazzaville. During two decades, the big-hearted woman took in charge thousands of orphans.

In 2009, thanks to the implication of many private companies and to individual funding, Célestine decided to build an orphanage that she named “Celestial Heart” in the town of Pointe Noire. Elected woman of the year in 2006, awarded by the President of the Republic and awarded with a medal of the Order in 2010, this woman devoted a large part of her life to thousands of orphans for more than 20 years.

Thanks to private donors and companies, the association ensured essential needs to children in regards to affection support, accommodation, medical care, prevention, academic support and professional training.

The association also intervened in emergency situations: helping children which were victims of discrimination from their host families, help to deprived guardians etc.


  •  affective support and materials;
  •  medical care;
  •  sponsorship;
  •  school support;
  •  professional training;
  •  giving back a smile and dignity.
The association’s struggle 

The purpose of the support towards orphans is to allow them to become reliable and worthy citizens, with honorable jobs providing for their families.


The association needs your support 
  • You can donate without engagement, so that orphans will benefit from your support, your presents (toys, clothes, medicine, school supplies).

  • Subscribe to the association through an annual contribution of 30 euros, to participate in the construction of our orphanage and centre.

  • Sponsor an orphan, so that you can support him/her mentally and financially through a period of minimum one year.

  • If you are a company, become a sponsor by contributing to cultural events directed by the association.