About the EMAJINARIUM project

EMAJINARIUM about the project

EMAJINARIUM is a journey to the Dreamland. 200 talented persons are gathering artistic creativity to offer you a magnificent journey in imaginary universes. 200 art lovers including dancers, costume designers, makeup artists or music composers, have been combining their talents to create this magnificent show since 2016.

This project has been created by Free Spirit, which is a French collective composed of volunteer artists, willing to share their passion and for the benefit of human beings and living together. The costumed and dancing show – The EMAJINARIUM – Journey to the Dreamland is one of our collective creations.

EMAJINARIUM Dance show was performed in Paris in front of 1200 spectators and the EMAJINARIUM concert was performed in front of 300 spectators.

EMAJINARIUM : The dance show

The Free Spirit has created an amazing entertainment with costumes and dance, “The EMAJINARIUM – Journey to the Dreamlands” bringing together more than 170 artists including dancers, actors, Circassians, designers, illustrators and other professions from the live performance universe. The show EMAJINARIUM – Journey to the Dreamland was performed for the first time at the Madeleine Theater in Paris in 2018 (1200 spectators). The adventure will continue in 2019 with 2 international tours (in Japan and Africa) and in 2020 with the creation of a second part performed in the Palais des Congrès.

EMAJINARIUM Théatre de la Madeleine Paris

EMAJINARIUM : The concert

Pianists, violinists, singers performing all together in a magic place in Paris. Dancers will be the extension of the music during the performance. The concert was performed in the wonderful place called Salle Cortot in Paris. 300 spectators came to listen the beautiful lyrical and classical concert.

About the Free Spirit collective

The Free Spirit collective is an artistic collective passionate by creation in all its aspects. We constantly move between imaginary universes and reality through our shows, exhibitions, festivals, photo or video projects. We join talents in order to create various artistic and human projects which keep evolving.

Besides artistic creation, the Free Spirit collective is essentially driven by a willingness to fight for causes around human beings, living together and environment. We use art as a communication means to conduct awareness campaigns on the dramatic human impact on the environment, wild animals extinction or African orphans.


An innovative concept

The project is indeed based on an innovating concept : the interactive creation. We would like the public to feel all the emotions of artists on the stage. That they display them without limits. We approach each step of our project with our child eyes since it is addressed to all children who live within adults. We believe in collective creation and we choose that as a foundation of the Free Spirit community. All artists from the EMAJINARIUM participate in the realization of the show. Each of them is a source of proposals and decisions are taken collectively. This is where its wealth comes from: ideas from one another. The EMAJINARIUM is composed of not 1 but 200 artistic directors, which makes this project unique and unusual. We are convinced that creation is unique and that it comes from what is best in each of us.


200 artists

80 costumes

900 hours rehearsal

110 hours of body painting

1200 spectators at the show


All the artists of the EMAJINARIUM project are volunteers.
We created that beautiful project to support our causes.