Our vision

Passion, Art, Dreams 

Creation inspires us. Art is our oxygen. Wonder is our quest and we wish to create connections between artists and public.

We would like the public to feel all the emotions of artists on the stage. That they display them without limits. We approach each step of our project with our child eyes since it is addressed to all children who live within adults.

We believe in collective creation and we choose that as a foundation of the Free Spirit community. All artists from the EMAJINARIUM participate in the realization of the show. Each of them is a source of proposals and decisions are taken collectively. This is where its wealth comes from: ideas from one another.

The EMAJINARIUM is composed of not 1 but 130 artistic directors, which makes this project unique and unusual. We are convinced that creation is unique and that it comes from what is best in each of us.

With this project and this vision that are ours, it is Humility and Solidarity that we place at the center of our community.

Atelier de costumes pour spectacles vivants theatre opéra